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The Leading Edge Fund is a new $2 million fund created to seed, incubate and accelerate bold ideas from the next generation of progressive movement leaders in California. Launched by the Rosenberg Foundation in partnership with the Hellman Foundation, the Leading Edge Fund is awarding $225,000 over three years to each of eight fellows who are tackling deep barriers to opportunity for communities of color and low-income communities.

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Black Lives Matter

If Philanthropy Won’t Take Risks, Who Will?

As an activist in the Bay Area throughout for nearly two decades, I worked on the front lines advocating for ideas that were considered “radical” at the time. I led organizations that organized and trained young people to fight for criminal justice reform and gender justice, and I marched in rallies calling for an end to mass incarceration for youth and adults. All of these activities required money, but back then those issues were a tough sell to even the most progressive foundations.

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