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Placing a Spotlight on Prosecutorial Misconduct

For decades, criminal justice advocates, scholars, and the media have primarily focused on the role of police, judges, and defense attorneys in determining criminal justice outcomes. Recent conversations about the need to address our broken criminal justice systems have focused on the epidemic of extra-judicial police killings and police terror. Very little analysis and attention […]

New Video: Leading Edge Fund Fellows Share Bold Ideas

Justice, civil rights and equity are of utmost importance for California’s future. Our new video showcases eight emerging leaders who are taking on pervasive inequity and injustice in the areas of criminal justice, immigrant rights and racial justice. The video spotlights the 2016-2018 Leading Edge Fund fellows. The Leading Edge Fund is a new $2 […]

#LabeledforLife, A #LeadingEdgeFund Twitterview with Nicole Pittman

Over 40 percent of children placed on the U.S. sex offender registry become homeless before 18. That’s one of the jarring statistics shared by Nicole Pittman, 2016-2018 Leading Edge Fund fellow and Director of the Center on Youth Registration Reform, during a Twitter interview with Rosenberg Foundation’s Program Director, Lateefah Simon. Pittman discussed her ongoing efforts to end the practice of placing children on sex-offender registries and talked about what continues to fuel her passion to take on this important issue. Check out the storify of the full twitterview below and stay tuned for our next #LeadingEdgeFund event.

Black Lives Matter

If Philanthropy Won’t Take Risks, Who Will?

As an activist in the Bay Area throughout for nearly two decades, I worked on the front lines advocating for ideas that were considered “radical” at the time. I led organizations that organized and trained young people to fight for criminal justice reform and gender justice, and I marched in rallies calling for an end to mass incarceration for youth and adults. All of these activities required money, but back then those issues were a tough sell to even the most progressive foundations.