Fellows in the News

News about the 2016 Leading Edge fellows.

Bill Moyers

Meet the New Social Change Coalition: ‘The Majority’

Welcome to The Majority, a new coalition encompassing more than 50 organizations and groups, including the Black Lives Matter Global Network. On Thursday, The Majority announced its first national campaign: Beyond the Moment. From April 4 to International Workers’ Day on May 1, participating organizations will hold a series of actions across the country aimed at raising awareness around issues including white supremacy, economic justice, reproductive justice, immigrant rights, LGBTQ rights, indigenous rights and attacks on Muslim communities.

Good Magazine

The Resistance Just Got Smarter

“If the election showed us anything, it’s that we have the numbers,” says Samuel Sinyangwe, referring to the fact that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. “More people believe in justice and equity than who voted for Trump and all that he represents. The question is, how do we make our numbers count?” GOOD looks at how digital technology is helping the resistance.

Sonoma State Star

Co-founder of Black Lives Matter speaks at Women of Color Conference

Many students shed tears of inspiration and passion on Wednesday at the first Women of Color Conference held in the ballroom of Sonoma State University’s Student Center.

Patrisse Cullors, the co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement, was the guest speaker.


Taking it to the states: Anti-Trump resistance goes granular with Our States, a map-based organizing project

Our States’ map-based interface is designed to inform, empower and facilitate state-level action in a way that has only been seen on the federal level until now.